Invitational Workshops

Foresight's workshop philosophy

Our ultimate focus is on the long-term flourishing of life and the biosphere. However, we acknowledge that it’s a long way and that there are many important problems that we face today. This is why our technical workshops invite researchers at the intersection of two or more disciplines to generate new research projects that have positive impact already in the here and now. 

AI+Science workshop recap

Artificial Intelligence for Scientific Progress Workshop

This 2-1/2 day, fast-paced interactive workshop in Silicon Valley was targeted at generating new insights, new projects, and new funding for the goal of applying advanced computer science to the challenges in scientific research.  

Nano+Energy workshop recap

Breakthrough Technologies for Energy Workshop

During this invitational meeting wide-ranging thinkers facilitated future research directions, encouraged the formation of new multi-disciplinary teams, and sped atomically-precise advances relating to energy generation, transmission and use reduction. 

Nano+Medicine workshop recap

Atomic Precision for Medicine Workshop

This highly interactive and stimulating 2- 1/2 day meeting focused on long-term prospects for revolutionary advances in medical applications based on improved precision in the control of matter, and how to speed up research into that direction. 

Nano+Energy workshop recap

Directed/Programmable Matter for Energy Workshop

A private 2-1/2 day meeting focused on long-term prospects for revolutionary advances in energy storage, transmission, and generation based on improved precision in our control of matter.

J. Fraser Stoddart, Conference Co-Chair and Nobel Prize Laurate holding the introduction

Illuminating Atomic Precision Workshop

The conference brought together many of the world's leading researchers to stimulate interdisciplinary dialogue, productive collaboration and technical progress towards beneficial nanotechnologies.

More conference videos can be found here. Speakers included George Church, Dean Astumian, Art Olson, Gerhard KLimeck, William Goddard, Larry Millstein, Joseph Puglisi, Alex Wissner-Gross, John Randall, Leonhard Grill.

Conference proceedings, published by Nature, can be found here

Robin Hanson on Economics of Nanotech and AI

Synergy of Molecular Manufacturing and Artificial Intelligence Conference

The conference focused on the potential exponential takeoff of rapidly-developing technologies.  

More conference videos can be found here.  Speakers included J. Storrs Hall, Ralph Merkle, Michael Anissimov, Paul Saffo, Salim Ismail, Brad Templeteon, Monica Anderson, David Friedman, Larry Millstein.

A list with more of our 30+ conferences can be found here, from our first Nanotechnology Conference to our Foresight@Google: 25th Anniversary Celebration Conference and beyond.