• The world's problems are not solved by the same mindset that created them.

    Foresight Institute is a 501(c) 3 non-profit foundation for world-shaping technologies. We support technological developments towards an abundant future.


    Even in uncertain times, Foresight Institute continues to work for a positive future. The development of key technologies will enable us to live more capably, healthy, and free.


    Because we're a 501(c)3 non-profit, you can deduct your donations to us from your taxes. What's more, until December 31st, your donation is doubled by our matching grant.

  • The Foresight Fellowship

    The Foresight Fellowship is an exclusive one year supportive program committed to giving change-makers the support and mentorship to accelerate their bold ideas into the future. 

    We invite people who care about improving the state of the world and have the courage to follow their own path. We encourage those who are working on technologies that have massive potential for the future - Especially if this technology is relatively undervalued in the media, and not blindly followed by the hype.


    Our mission is to catalyze collaboration among leading young scientists, engineers, and innovators who are working on emerging new technologies that have the power to transform society. Since 1993 Foresight Institute has been rewarding those who are making strides in the field of Nanotechnology with the Feynman Prize. In 2016, one of our former Feynman Prize winners, Sir J. Fraser Stoddart, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work with molecular machines. Foresight Institute recognizes that providing a strong network and knowledge base for new fellows to access will accelerate their missions and reflect our goals to further support those making important strides in a variety of fields.
    While working full-time in their field, fellows can participate in scheduled events in the San Francisco Bay Area, or join us online for meetings that will inform, inspire and support their goals. During the 1 year program, Fellows will be invited to engage in events, connect to fellows and mentors, and increase their skills to succeed with their endeavors.


    The deadline to to register to apply or nominate someone to be considered is 11:59PM on January 15 2017.




    Is there a fee?

    No. Applying and participating is 100% free of charge. We do, however, ask for your commitment to engage with the community and attend at least one event in the San Francisco Bay Area.


    What is the program?

    During the one year program, Fellows will be invited to curated monthly gatherings, workshops, and virtual meetings with the cohort, mentors, and the Foresight network. Fellows will also be invited to Foresight Institute's Vision weekend in July 28-30 2017, which is an exclusive 3 day retreat involving the larger community, activities and guest speakers. In addition to that, fellows will be given exposure with features on our website, newsletter, and opportunities for public speaking.


    What is the selection process?
    Selection happens in multiple steps. First your register to apply, or you’re registered by someone else (through nomination). The deadline for that is January 15 at 11:59pm. In mid January, we are following up with a longer questionnaire to get to know you better. We will go through several rounds of vetting, and will reach out to you when we have a decision.


    Why are you doing this?

    We believe that the most powerful innovation happens when brilliant individuals are connected to a nurturing ecosystem. The fellowship is intended to find these individuals, wherever they are, and bring them into the Foresight community to help them thrive with their work.


    Are fellows taking the Foresight Pledge?

    Yes, every fellow needs to affirm that technology should serve us to live more capably, healthy, and free. By becoming a Foresight Institute member, they pledge to support the development of breakthrough technologies for the benefit of life.


    Are you looking for specific technology areas?

    The field of nanotechnology is pretty interesting to us and we expect to support at least a few people working in atomic precision technologies. That said, we consider everything that has the potential to dramatically change the way we live; that is artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and other transformative technologies.


    How many fellows will there be?

    In the first year, we’re planning a class of ~10 fellows.


    Where are you based?

    Foresight Institute is based in the Palo Alto area.


    How did the Fellowship get started?

    Julia Bossmann first proposed it in 2015 when she was appointed as president at Foresight Institute.


    Are there any age requirements, or other requirements?

    Nope! Anyone can apply, regardless of age, gender, race, nationality, geographic location, or other things that determine their identity.


    How can I ask more questions?

    Please get in touch at foresight@foresight.org.

  • Impressions

    We are currently redesigning our legacy website. In the meantime watch our videos to learn what makes us tick!

    Brilliant Minds

    The philosophy behind our workshops

    Energy Workshop Recap

    A short recap of our May event, Atomic Precision for Energy

  • What we do

    Foresight Institute steers emerging and world-shaping technologies for beneficial purposes and has done so for 30 years. It is our mission to spark innovation across multidisciplinary fields such as molecular machines, synthetic biology, and artificial intelligence. We serve as a nexus for innovation to catalyze research, reward excellence, restrain recklessness, and create community aimed at the long-term flourishing of humanity and the biosphere.

    We incubate brains


    We're launching a new initiative. The Foresight Fellowship supports exceptional technologists, inventors, and innovators. We select for quality of work, courage, and consideration for the future of the world. The Fellowship class will launch in 2017. Get involved now!


    We educate for change


    Our Conferences and Unconferences are open events where we engage the public on topics related to our mission. We employ a mix of talks and facilitate self-emergent groups and projects. The next unconference is The Great Debates of Our Times on November 19 to fight out what humanity's path should look like. Join us!



    We catalyze research


    Our Technical Workshops attract luminaries and domain experts from diverse fields. We follow a recipe inspired by design thinking to make ideas and exchanges happen that wouldn't otherwise happen. Besides the creation of lifelong bonds and collaborations, projects hatched at the workshops have attracted millions in funding. Our most recent technical workshop was Artificial Intelligence for Scientific Progress on September 30 - October 1 2016.




    We restrain recklessness

    Our ongoing efforts include public talks, media appearances, advocacy, and engagement with institutions. We have crafted the Foresight Guidelines and the Foresight Nanotech Roadmap which act as a guidepost for the development of beneficial nanotechnology.​Go to the archive.



    We prize revolutionaries


    The Foresight Institute Feynman Prize in Nanotechnology, established in 1993, awards outstanding scientific work in theoretical and applied nanotechnology. Read about our past laureates.




    We gather communities

    Join our community of technologists, change-makers and visionaries who push the limit of what human civilization is capable of doing. Become a member.



  • Who we are

    United by a passion for future technologies and the drive to improve the state of the world

    Julia Bossmann

    President & CEO

    Julia Bossmann is the president of Foresight Institute. Previously she founded at Synthetic, co-founded Anticip8 Analytics, and conducted research of coming technologies at Bosch Research & Technology. She is a McKinsey fellow, Singularity University GSP graduate, and World Economic Forum Global Shaper. Her academic background is in Neuroscience and Psychology where she holds a MSc with highest honors. She speaks on AI, innovation, the future, and how technology transforms society. In 2016 the World Economic Forum appointed Julia as member of the Global Future Council on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

    Steve Burgess

    COO & Treasurer

    Steve Burgess is a nanotechnology activist, tech writer & speaker, startup mentor, and an internationally recognized computer forensics consultant. A founder of the data recovery industry in 1984 and a pioneer of today’s burgeoning computer forensics and electronic discovery industry, Burgess is active as a digital forensic specialist and testifies widely as an expert witness in the field.
    Steve has reported on Japan’s space programs, contributed various Nanotech Glossaries, is the author of "The (Needed) New Economics of Abundance," contributor to the text, "Scientific Evidence in Civil and Criminal Cases," and regularly writes on cyberissues, tech tips, and CSI stories found at http://burgessforensics.com/articles.php

    Christine Peterson

    Co-founder & Projects director

    Christine Peterson is Co-founder and former President of Foresight Institute. She lectures and writes about nanotechnology, AI, and longevity. Christine leads Foresight’s technical workshops and Feynman Prizes in Nanotechnology. She is co-author of Unbounding the Future: the Nanotechnology Revolution (Morrow, also free online) and Leaping the Abyss: Putting Group Genius to Work (knOwhere Press, also free online).

    She advises the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, Global Healthspan Policy Institute, National Space Society, startup Ligandal, and the Voice & Exit conference. She coined the term ‘open source software.’ She holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from MIT.

    Dr. Jim Lewis

    Research Analyst & Technical Editor

    Jim received a BA (University of Pennsylvania, 1967), MA and PhD in chemistry (Harvard University, 1968, 1972). After postdoctoral research in molecular biology at the Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research (1971-1973), Jim continued research at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (1973-1980), finishing as a Senior Staff Investigator, and then as an Associate Member, Basic Sciences Division, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (1980-1988). He joined the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute as a Senior Research Investigator (1988-1996). Since 1996 he has been working with Foresight, and as a consultant on nanotechnology.

    Allison Duettmann

    Program Manager


    Allison coordinates Foresight’s programs, e.g. workshops, public events, publications. She holds a Cum Laude MSc from the London School of Economics, where she developed a moral framework for Artificial General Intelligence. She seeks to apply good philosophy to aid the longterm well-being of current and future species. Allison participated in the McKinsey Venture Academy for Social Enterprises and moderated a Global Young Leaders Conference meeting on aid at the World Bank. She planned TEDx talks, workshops and conferences for governments, private companies, think tanks and NGO’s in Germany, France, Colombia, the UK and the US.

    Maya Lockwood

    Director of Engagement


    Maya provides public relations, communications and business development services for organizations who want to increase their visibility and form valuable strategic partnerships. She has worked with venture capital and startup clients, including Richard Branson's 2015 Extreme Tech Challenge as their publicist. Maya's background includes 15+ years as an analyst, leading implementation, training and more with Meditech, UCSF Medical Center, and Symantec. She frequently hosts workshops and salons that engage the public in authentic storytelling. She enjoys empowering new ideas, building strong relationships, and developing our collective potential.


    Marcia Seidler, Event Coordination

    Miron Cuperman, IT

    Ben Harper, IT

    Tad Hogg, Reports

    Tammy Kettler, Accounting

    Terry Miller, Financial Advice

    David Sohn, Legal Counsel

    Gene Takagi, Corporate Counsel

    Board of Directors

    Advisory board

    Stewart Brand, Long Now Foundation

    Peter Diamandis, M.D., The X PRIZE Foundation

    Jamie Dinkelacker, Ph.D., Google, Inc.

    John Gilmore, Electronic Frontier Foundation

    C. Christopher Hook, M.D., Mayo Clinic

    Ray Kurzweil, Kurzweil Technologies, Inc.

    Prof. Lawrence Lessig, Harvard University

    Prof. Amory B. Lovins, Rocky Mountain Institute

    Prof. Glenn H. Reynolds, University of Tennessee

    Peter Schwartz, Salesforce.com

    James R. Von Ehr II, Zyvex Labs

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